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PI-RECORDINGS UK Offering full CD Production for Everyone

PI-Recordings are a recording studio and CDr producing cottage industry, aimed at the club artists who would like to offer a CD without laying out large sums of money. Born out of the Folk Music Scene PI have expanded have re-invested profits from sales back into equipment, refused to waste money on "Flash" advertising and kept their "Recording with Friends" image (often appearing on the CDs themselves when session musicians were requested)

Their "Make a CD for FREE" offer still stands - All Recording, Mixing, Finalising, Mastering. Art Work, 20 CDRs finished in Jewel cases from two hundred pounds - sell the CDs at ten pounds each and it's cost you nothing - further copies of the CD can be purchased from PI (No Minimum Quantity) - Now anyone can have their own CD

The following are just a few of the CDs that have been produced by PI if you want to purchase any of the CDs below they are twelve pounds each including P+P from PI or Clansfolk

Fleetwood Folk Club - Early Days
The CD that started it all.....

In the late 1960's some venture scouts, who had first become aware of the folk song revival whilst in the Lake District met together and founded what was to become Fleetwood Folk Club. They met in the upstairs room at The Queens Hotel and included Peter Cadd, Jim & Jan Baines, Ray Jenkinson, Brian Lang, Russel Smith & Sue Whittaker, now Sue Bousefield of Scold's Bridle fame. It's interesting to note that the club has out lasted the successful (and in those days somewhat envied) Blackpool Folk Club and continues to flourish thanks to the present residents Mike France & Dave Ryan. You can now listen to archive (lo-fi!) recordings made during the late 60's and early 70's on this CD released for the club's 30th Birthday.
Brian Osborne - A Capsule in Time

Lurking in the shadows of what has become an amazingly eclectic folk scene with its roots music and "superbands", is Brian Osborne, a singer, songwriter whose pedigree goes back to the beginnings of the folk revival itself and even beyond to fifties Rock and Roll and Skiffle. As a member of The Taverners folk group he was a major force in the folk scene of the 60's and 70's and after the demise of the group continued as a popular solo artist.
This CD Capsule contains many of Brian's self-penned songs along with some of his and his audience's personal favourites - enjoy

Footnote Brian died March 2002

The Elderly Brothers - Proceed with Caution

Bugger me! - we've done it! - we've finally succumbed to years of pressure applied by the culture loving population of Lancashire, mostly conveyed by those immortal words "'Ave you got a tape ,Luv?".
The Elderly Brothers along with a visiting cousin have put together a great CD of 15 songs and tunes including the immortal "Holland's Meat Pies" as heard on Radio Lancashire (the interview was so popular Jim Bowen invited the lad's back for another outing - nurse!!!). The line-up on this CD is; Ian Gartside (Vocals, Guitar & Bass), Dave Galbraith (Vocals & Guitar), Ian Jackson (Mandolin & Fiddle) Pete Skinner V.C. Banjo, Guitar & Vocals.
John Bond - Before It's Too Late

This may seem a strange title but, having been around the 'Folk', 'Festival' and 'Pub' entertainment scene for many years, with songs and poems of the more humorous, nay some say bawdy, type, I decided to put some of them down on 'Record' before I either lost my voice, lost my marbles, or both.
The songs and poems on this recording are the sort that I enjoy and I hope you obtain as much pleasure in listening to them as I have in performing them for you.

Ian Gartside - Somethin' Else

Born towards the end of the Second World War, Ian Gartside experienced his teenage years at the height of the Rock-n-Roll era at a time when Britain was growing out of austerity and into prosperity. These were good times in which to be young and Lonnie Donegan's timely entrance on to the Skiffle scene started Ian playing with the help of a guitar borrowed from his cousin's boyfriend.
Not surprisingly college years introduced Ian to the sixties Folk Revival and it was in this genre that his musical direction developed. This CD however, is Ian's indulgence in the music of his youth - teenage music which echoes the optimism and excitement of the post war generation.
Hands in Pockets - All Mixed Up

All Mixed Up, the third album from Chris, Jan and Carol whose distinctive voices, blending in fine harmony, have won them critical acclaim.
Equally at home in clubs, concerts or festivals Hands in Pockets possess an innate ability to entertain with a range of traditional and contemporary songs to suit almost every occasion, with just a hint of mischief!
From Dewy Ones to Wonderful Baby All Mixed Up reflects the vocal strengths and diversity of this popular acapella trio

The Ian Gartside Band

Pre - production copy of a prototype CD cover for the Ian Gartside Band's new CD.

This CD may not appear in this format - so please do not order it...............

It's Never Too Late

It's never too late to make a CD - whatever your age whatever you play do it now before it's too late....

Parents, why not have a CD of your children singing playing or reciting poems or stories, What about a CD with the sound track from your wedding, anniverary etc... Grandparents chatting about "The Good Old Days"

Save those memories to CD and what great presents they'd make for family and friends

The ideas are endless - have a chat with PI......

PI-Recordings will even come to you

If you need to make a recording in your home, club, school etc. that's no problem - PI recordings have portable state of the art recording equipment which can be set up just about anywhere!

Give them a ring and discuss your needs - they're there to help.

How to contact PI-RECORDINGS

Company Address:
PI Recordings
P.O. BOX 44

Phone Number: 01253 883526

E-mail Address: info@pirecordings.co.uk